Picture the scene — it’s a normal evening for Stan, one of our Android engineers. He opens Cookpad to find his favourite cottage cheese pancakes recipe and starts cooking dinner. Everything’s going smoothly until he needs to scroll to the next step in the recipe and realises that his hands are covered in pancake mixture.

Mercia and Josh, pictured above by the Bristol suspension bridge, decided it was time for an adventure. Since moving to Bristol, UK from Singapore in February 2021, they’ve taken every opportunity to explore the city and the surrounding areas.

Matt Williams is a search engineer and technical lead at Cookpad. He and Cookpad’s search team are responsible for solving all types of search problems and helping to extend Cookpad’s search capabilities for the benefit of home cooks globally.

According to Matt (centre) “Building a great search team is a lot like assembling The Avengers — you need a group that has all these different complementary skills and works with lots of different teams to get the job done.” Nine of the team members are pictured here.

Meet Ettie Eyre, Cookpad’s Platform Engineering Lead — she joined Cookpad to work on real world problems and make a difference.

Ettie spends much of her time outside of work outdoors, cycling, hiking, diving or walking Bobby (pictured)

Ettie, what is it that you do at Cookpad?

I’m part of the SRE team and have overall responsibility for the platform which includes everything from maintaining the infrastructure that Cookpad runs on, to making sure our services are running as expected and are available to users at all times.

How did you get into Engineering?

I originally trained as a Mathematician. When I graduated…

Ollie Haydon-Mulligan is proof that it’s never too late to change careers. When he started his transition he’d never written a line of code in his life. Now, he’s an experienced web developer building a global product.

Leaving the Labour Party wasn’t the only change in Ollie’s life. Soon after, he and his wife embarked on another big adventure to start their family.

Ollie, can you briefly tell me a little bit about yourself and your background?

I grew up in Camden Town in London and went to university at Cambridge where I studied Social and Political Sciences. I started working for the Labour party in 2010 in the build up to the General Election and worked there until just after the 2015 General Election. That was…

Earlier this year, Niamh Power left Monzo to join Cookpad. She openly admits that she isn’t a great cook but feels this is something that really helps her in her day job … the mission is about getting more people into home cooking after all.

When she’s not behind her laptop screen, Niamh spends as much time as possible outdoors walking her dog Skye.

Niamh, let’s start with how you got into mobile engineering.

It all started after an internship at a mobile agency which I did during my degree. I’d always been quite arty and was considering a career in animation, but I’m very maths’y too so mobile development seemed to offer a balance of both — technical backend development and frontend creativity…

His passion for the mission, motivation for the metrics and mastery in sourdough are what gets him out of bed everyday.

Sam Meadley joined Cookpad in 2018 as a Senior iOS Engineer. Since then, he’s played an integral role in the evolution and growth of the global team and has recently taken over the leadership of Cookpad’s global engineering function.

Sam, how did you discover Cookpad and why did you join?

I was living in Leeds but had been spending a lot of time in the South West [of England], where my wife is from. On the way back from one of our trips, I had an email from a recruiter asking me whether I wanted to check out a job…

After a degree in engineering, an MBA and 10 years of consulting with McKinsey, Thomas Melkebeke set off in search of a new challenge. He wanted to help to build a company. Since joining Cookpad in 2018, Thomas has built communities from scratch, developed global teams and is now the product manager responsible for the growth of Cookpad’s subscription service.

Thomas, can you tell us a bit about your Cookpad journey so far?

I discovered Cookpad by coincidence. I say “by coincidence” because I came across a LinkedIn post through a friend who had previously worked with Tomo [Cookpad’s MD] at McKinsey. If it weren’t for that mutual connection, I would never have seen the post. I reached out to Tomo and we…

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We're a tech company, working to make everyday cooking fun. We believe that cooking is key to a happier & healthier life for people, communities & the planet.

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